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obergurgl travel information

Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 97km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 275km

Distance to Munich Airport: 301km

Nearest railway station to Obergurgl: Ötztal Bahnhof - 52km

air travel to obergurgl

Innsbruck airport is the most popular airport for visitors to Obergurgl. Apart from the convenience, many of the regular British guests started using the resort through a travel company, which also had historically had used Innsbruck airport as its main winter charter destination

Salzburg airport and Munich airport are both options for those who don't mind a longer journey - Salzburg has a good selection of charter flights while Munich is the best option for scheduled arrivals (especially for those arriving from outside Europe).

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Many of Obergurgl's regular guests know all about the advantages of Innsbruck airport and they usually make up a healthy proportion of the passenger list on any scheduled or charter flight from the UK.

Getting from the airport by road involves the short journey onto the nearby motorway and then travelling west to the exit at Haiming. From here the route heads south into the Ötz valley along a busy and (in places) narrow mountain road. Local taxi drivers and bus drivers are used to the journey but those renting a car should be confident of their driving skills in winter conditions. Delays can occur in bad weather due to other road users with inadequate winter equipment.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Obergurgl is more than 300km from Munich airport and that time can extend even longer at busy periods or in bad weather. The most popular route is to follow the German motorway past Munich and south to Kufstein and then take the Inn valley motorway to the junction with Haiming described above.

Alternatively, and preferably not at rush hour, drivers can take the route through Munich and down to just north of Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the motorway. From here a scenic route heads past Mittenwald and Seefeld before dropping to join the Inn valley motorway near Telfs.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Like Munich, Salzburg should preferably be avoided as an arrival airport as it involves a lengthy transfer, especially if travelling with holiday companies who frequently add in stops in other resorts along the way. The most popular route heads through Germany on the motorway to Kufstein but those on holiday company transfer buses may end up travelling past Bad Reichenhall and St Johann in Tirol on the local roads if they are making stops en route.

train travel

Train gif Ötztal Bahnhof Railway Station

The nearest railway station for Obergurgl is Ötztal Bahnhof railway station at the entrance to the Ötz valley. The station is on the main line between Innsbruck to Zurich but the trains that use the stop are often part of the Innsbruck suburban network and may require a change onto a regional service at some point.

From the railway station there is a local bus service available (which finishes early in the evening). Local taxis and minibuses should be available for the journey up the valley.