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Lermoos is the kind of village that most people have in mind when they picture skiing in Austria. Attractive traditional accommodation in a compact village clustered around the base of the ski slopes, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

The skiing is not expansive but it is surprisingly interesting for a small area. The inclusion of the resort as part of a regional ski pass also offers skiing on the Zugspitz and at Garmisch as well as a number of other resorts in Germany and Austria.

Lermoos is relatively accessible from the north through Kempten and Garmisch, while the Fern pass is the route to the south and the Tyrol.

Elevation: 1004 metres

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Location: 6631 Lermoos - Tyrol - Austria

Lermoos lies on one of the old trade routes through Europe and - like the rest of the Ausserfern region - is relatively isolated from the rest of Austria. Lermoos has historically had much in common with its German neighbours to the north and was recently described as one of the most economically booming areas of western Austria.

Lermoos is situated in a bowl with its neighbour Ehrwald on the opposing side. The slightly elevated position of the village gives spectacular views across to the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain, and the rest of the Wetterstein and Mieminger mountains.

The village is located around three main streets along the main roads to Reutte, the Fern pass and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Much of the through traffic has however been diverted into a tunnel built underneath the ski mountain.

The ski slopes are easily reached from both the Fern pass and the Reutte ends of the village. The runs are interesting, although limited for advanced skiers, who will be more interested by the opportunities available in the other resorts included in the weekly pass and easily reachable by car or train.

Lermoos may be a relatively small village but it has a surprisingly wide range of hotel and other accommodation.
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The ski area above the village is easily accessible and, although small, offers a choice of intermediate runs.
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Lermoos is closest to Innsbruck airport but two other airports in Germany also come into contention.
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Why choose Lermoos for your ski holiday...

  • traditional resort
  • good for beginners and scenery

What are the drawbacks...

  • other resorts available close at hand but village ski area lacks variety for a week's holiday
  • can be tricky to get to without own transport or booking package holiday

Lermoos ski slopesView of Ehrwald from the Lermoos ski slopes

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