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Fieberbrunn likes to advertise itself as the best 'hidden' ski area in Austria. The slogan refers to the fact that it's not easy to see the skiing from the road, but could equally be taken to mean the lack of visibility on the English-speaking market.

Nothing good can remain hidden for too long and it appeared that Fieberbrunn's days were likely to come to an end with the connection into the Saalbach-Hinterglemm ski area.

However, this small town on the local road between St Johann and Saalfelden still treasures its relative calm and its uncrowded ski area while, for the moment, it remains under the radar.

Elevation: 800 metres

Last updated: 24.09.22

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Location: 6391 Fieberbrunn - Tyrol - Austria

Fieberbrunn is an old mining town from back in the Middle Ages - it is actually thought that some kind of mining took place here before the Romans.

The name actually comes from a mineral spring ('Brunnen') which supposedly cured one of the former rulers of the Tyrol from a bout of fever ('Fieber'). The current name is markedly better than the one used beforehand - Pramau - which could be roughly translated from Old German as 'bramble patch'.

Skiing here started at the beginning of the 20th century when a group of Bavarians climbed one of the hills on skis. A military ski course was also held here at around the same time. In those days, skiing consisted of walking up and then enjoying the downhill part.

It wasn't until 1958 that the local lift company was founded. Steady expansion increased the skiable area and, in 2014, the news broke that the ski area of Fieberbrunn would be connected up to the much larger Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang area.

Enthusiastically greeted from both sides (as well as being two different ski areas, the new connecting lift also crosses the boundary between the Tyrol and Salzburg), the area will boast 68 lifts and 240km of skiable terrain - immediately putting it in the ranks of the biggest Austrian ski areas.
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The town of 4000 inhabitants is situated directly on the country road between St Johann in Tyrol and Hochfilzen. It is also one of the relatively few Austrian resorts to boast a rail connection.
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Accommodation in Fieberbrunn tends to be located either down in the valley near the main road or in the small hamlet up near the ski area.
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What Fieberbrunn is good for...

  • attractive town outside the travel company mainstream
  • under-rated medium-sized local ski area with a surprising number of interesting runs
  • connection to Saalbach-Hinterglemm, great for those who want to get a lot of distance under their skis

What Fieberbrunn is not so good for...

  • main town, with most accommodation, is a short distance by bus or car from ski area
  • away from the main road routes into Austria
  • general height of ski runs is relatively low, despite highest lift going above 2000m

Fieberbrunn Ski Area
View over Fieberbrunn ski resort