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Lech is one of Austria's main attractions for the rich and famous. From royalty to business leaders, from sports stars to film producers, the ski resort of Lech is a favourite luxury hotel hideaway for the wealthier classes.

But that reputation alone is misleading. As well as hotels catering to their clients' every whim, Lech has family-run hotels that won't break the budget.

And for every flattering and groomed piste, there is a tricky bump run or ski route that will test the keenest of mortal skiers. It is easily possible to have a "normal" ski holiday in Lech, a title is not strictly necessary!

Last updated: 01.09.23

quick lech facts

Lech is a small village and very popular ski resort in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. In winter it can only be reached via the Flexen Pass at Zürs.

Lech is situated at 1444 metres above sea level.

The skiing in Lech is planned to open on 01 December 2023.

The skiing in Lech is planned to close on 21 April 2024.

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Location: 6764 Lech am Arlberg - Vorarlberg - Austria

Lech and Zürs, like many ski resorts in Austria, came to prominence in the 1920s and 1930s.

The growing popularity of skiing made people realise that it could transform what had previously been poor mountain farming villages into a winter sports resort. Lech now has a permanent population of just under 1500.

Lech kept a keen eye on planned development and has managed to maintain the charm that fuelled to its popularity among the upper levels of society.

The village’s relative isolation is another reason for that popularity, although it means the journey to the resort can be problematic in bad weather and heavy snowfall. (It forces a journey over the Arlberg and Flexen passes for car drivers arriving from the east).

The summer route via the Lech valley closes in the winter and there is no nearby rail connection, although the new connection via Warth means that access from the north is now available, if only on skis.
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The runs in the Arlberg ski area are outstandingly convenient - some accommodation in the Oberlech suburb is right on a ski slope.

Zug is another alternative for accommodation. The picturesque hamlet is around 5 kilometres away with a cable car accessing to the slopes above Lech.

Lech tends to have a reputation as the place to look for a luxury hotel and it is definitely an option if you are looking for an upmarket chalet for your skiing holiday in the Alps.

Details of accommodation in Lech and the surrounding hamlets, as well as the villages in the other parts of the connected ski area can be found on these pages:
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The Lech-Zürs (and now Warth plus the whole St Anton) ski area is deceptively large.

There are links to the sunny bowls above Zürs - and with them a cable car up to the peaks above St Christoph - and Lech has a direct connection into the Warth-Schröcken area in the other direction.
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Are Lech and Zürs good for your ski break?

  • the ski area is underrated with a great snow record and plenty of variety
  • both are attractive high mountain villages
  • the quality of accommodation and services in villages is high
  • there is something for all types of skier, no matter what level you are

What you might not like about Lech and Zürs...

  • bad weather can sometimes disrupt the high altitude skiing (mostly above the treeline)
  • the prices are high in Lech and Zürs
  • getting to the resorts can be problematic in heavy snow

Lech Ski Resort

Nearby Resorts

  • St Anton
    St Anton is the main ski resort in the Arlberg region.
    It is much larger than Lech, livelier and more accessible, with a train station near the centre of the town.
    It can now be reached from Lech by ski lift, although it is a long day's skiing through Zürs and Alpe Rauz and back.
  • St Christoph
    St Christoph is a tiny ski resort at the Arlberg Pass on the way towards St Anton.
    It is much smaller than Lech and more suited for those who want to get away from it all and just enjoy their skiing and the surrounding snow.

Lech Video

Check out our short video overview of the ski resort:

Lech am Arlberg