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Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 120km
Distance to Friedrichshafen Airport: 128km
Distance to Zurich Airport: 196km
Distance to Munich Airport: 248km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 294km

Nearest railway station to Lech: Langen am Arlberg - 15km

air travel to lech am arlberg

The favourite airports for Lech skiing holidays are - unsurprisingly - Innsbruck and Zurich, with the former concentrating on ski charter flights and the latter on the scheduled market.

Friedrichshafen offers the budget option and a relatively close connection, while Munich and Salzburg both have involved and lengthy transfers.

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is the closest and most convenient for Lech. Innsbruck has long been known as a popular destination for ski charter flights - especially from the northern European countries - but now the introduction of new lower-fare scheduled flights from major destinations like London has made it into a real option for those flying from further afield.

The route from Innsbruck follows the main Inn valley motorway up to where the road splits for Ischgl or St Anton. The route through to St Anton is much easier now with the new Strengen tunnel but in bad snow conditions the route through St Anton and St Christoph and over the Arlberg and Flexen passes can be tricky (or even closed).

Airport gif Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is a popular airport for those arriving via scheduled flight. If a transfer hasn't been arranged, a local bus company runs a feeder bus into the Arlberg during the Saturday daytime or the rail connections can be used to reach Langen am Arlberg followed by a bus or taxi. Those hiring a car would probably be best to take the route from Zurich via St Gallen and then joining the Austrian motorway system via Feldkirch and the route up towards the Arlberg pass (the road to the Flexen pass and Lech is on this side of the Arlberg pass).

Airport gif Friedrichshafen Airport

Friedrichshafen Airport, as one of the "new" destinations for winter charters and low-cost flights, has transformed itself into a popular option for visitors wanting to head for the resorts of the Arlberg and is the second closest airport for a visitor to Lech. The route from the airport follows the northern shore of Lake Constance and then crosses onto the Austrian motorway system at Bregenz before following the same route as the one from Zurich above.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Munich Airport is quite a trek from Lech and care should be taken when relying on computer programme routings as the most likely one to be recommended will head up the Lech valley and to a pass (at Warth) that is closed in the winter! There are various ways to head into Austria from Munich - the easiest and most convenient is to follow the motorway south to Kufstein and then along the Inn valley to Innsbruck (and then follow the directions above from Innsbruck). Alternatively, drivers who know the area might wish to head through the city and onto the motorway south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From Garmisch there is the option of heading into Austria via Mittenwald and Seefeld or via the Fern pass and Imst - in both cases joining up with the Inn valley motorway.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport is definitely the least convenient of the airports for Lech but, because of the variety of charter flights offered in the winter, it may be the only option available. A rail connection runs from the city to St Anton (and further via bus or taxi) or the road connection through Germany to Kufstein on the Austrian border (and then via the Inn valley motorway as described above).

train travel to lech am arlberg

Train gif Langen am Arlberg Railway Station

Langen railway station is the most convenient for the airports of Zurich or Friedrichshafen. The train journey from Zurich takes around 2 hours and 20 minutes and the ride from Friedrichshafen around 20 minutes longer - however the trip from Zurich is direct and that from Friedrichshafen involves a number of changes.

At Langen a taxi can be hired or the local bus (which runs every 1 or 2 hours until around 22.00), if available.

Train gif St Anton am Arlberg Railway Station

Visitors to Lech arriving from the east can use Langen railway station or the St Anton railway station. The train journey from Innsbruck to St Anton takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes, from Munich 4-5 hours (with a couple of changes) and from Salzburg just over 3 hours, frequently with a change in Innsbruck.

St Anton, as a popular resort, probably has a wider range of taxi options to Lech, as well as a regular bus service until just before 22.00.

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