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Dorfgastein is the first of the ski resorts in the Gasteinertal and is situated close to the entrance of the Gastein valley just after where the road to Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein emerges from the tunnel.

Dorfgastein is a small and traditional village, with a number of hamlets which also offer accommodation such as Unterberg and Klammstein located nearby.

Elevation: 830 metres

Last updated: 08.10.23

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Location: 5632 Dorfgastein - Salzburg - Austria

Dorfgastein was originally the toll collection point for the valley in the Middle Ages (a former trade route from Italy to Austria runs through the Gasteinertal) and the point of administration of the mining activities in the valley. The fortress - Burg Klammstein - at the entrance to the valley is a reminder of these days.

Although the better-known neighbouring resorts are more popular and probably more lively, Dorfgastein is easier to get to and can boast a village charm as well as a decent ski area of its own.

The Dorfgastein ski area rises to the Kreuzkogel and Fulseck at an altitude of just over 2000m. The ski area connects into the area above Grossarl on the other side of the mountain range.
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The Gasteinertal (the Gastein valley) is relatively easy to access, with good road and rail connections. The most convenient airport is Salzburg airport.
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The village of Dorfgastein is the centre for most of the accommodation, with the hotels located either near the main road or further up towards the bottom of the slopes. The ski area is located on the other side of the valley from the main road and it is possible to ski back down to the village in normal snow conditions.

There is some accommodation in the smaller hamlets nearby (such as Klammstein near the historic fortress at the entrance to the valley).

The individual boxes below detail the four star hotels offering half board in Dorfgastein. A wider selection of star ratings and different types of accommodation can be found by using the search box here to check availability in the resort for your stay.

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Aktivhotel Gasteiner Einkehr
Bergbahnstrasse 44
A-5632 Dorfgastein
Tel: 06433 7248
Landhotel Hauserbauer
Bergl 15
A-5632 Dorfgastein
Tel: 06433 7339
Landhotel Römerhof
Römerplatz 2
A-5632 Dorfgastein
Tel: 06433 7777
Landhotel Untermüllnergut
Solarbadstrasse 31
A-5632 Dorfgastein
Tel: 06433 7434

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