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Skiing in the Wildschönau valley in Austria

niederau ski resort

Niederau is probably the best known village in the Wildschönau, a picturesque settlement in a side valley above the major Inn valley town of Wörgl in the Austrian Tyrol.

Niederau is just one the ski areas in the valley and, although it is the more popular, the villages of Auffach and Oberau also offer a good alternative for a winter holiday, with their own specific attractions.

Elevation: 828 metres

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Location: 6314 Niederau - Tyrol - Austria

The fertile mountain meadows in the Wildschönau were settled many centuries ago by farmers who cleared the forests from the valley floor and tamed the swamps beside the mountain streams. Silver was mined in the mountains towards the more remote part of the valley and wood, as in many parts of the Tyrol, was also an important resource.

These days farming is still an important part of the valley's economy alongside winter and summer tourism. Summer visitors normally come for the traditional nature of the valley and for the mountain walking and some of the winter visitors are also there to take advantage of the unspoilt nature of the scenery - winter walking and snowshow walking are growing in popularity.

But most winter guests will be attracted by the ski areas outside the three villages of Niederau, Oberau and Auffach. Niederau especially has made a name for itself in the niche of school party skiing.

Previously Niederau was considered the main ski resort in the valley - it is the most accessible and was certainly the best-known. However the link between Auffach and Alpbach over the Schatzberg has meant that this ski area has suddenly become a lot more attractive. It always was the most extensive - now it has expanded. Oberau is a great choice for beginners.
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Niederau and the other villages are relatively easy to reach from most parts of Europe as Wörgl, the nearest town in the Inn valley, has very good road and rail connections.
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As the first settlement in the valley, Niederau is the main centre for hotel accommodation, although there is a smaller selection of hotels and guesthouses available in the other settlements.
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What the Wildschönau is good for...

  • learning to ski - Niederau is a big resort for school parties
  • traditional mountain villages and Tyrolean charm
  • decent-sized ski area in two valleys

What the Wildschönau is not so good for...

  • low altitude
  • not particularly challenging, although the link to Alpbach has improved the scope for skiing

The village of Niederau in the Wildschönau valley

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