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fügen ski resort

Fügen is the first actual "ski resort" that visitors to the Ziller valley reach and as such has long been popular with locals and car drivers.

The village boasts two ski areas - the Spieljoch and Hochfügen - and the expansion of the latter by the link to Kaltenbach has made the village even more interesting for those who want to stay for a longer period than just a day on the slopes.

Elevation: 630 metres

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Location: 6263 Fügen - Tyrol - Austria

Fügen is one of the oldest settlements in the Ziller valley - in an easily accessible position, miners looked for mineral deposits in the mountains while farmers used the valley floor and the gentle slopes around the area for their cattle and crops.

Nowadays, of course, visitors to the village are a major source of income. Tourism in the Ziller valley was initially based on the summer months and the idea of the curative power of the mountain air.

The winter season started in earnest in the 1960s with the opening of the Hochfügen area and a decade later with the building of the Spieljoch lifts. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that the winter season became more important to the village.

The ski area reached directly from Fügen is the Spieljoch, with the gondola rising out of the upper part of the village. The other ski area, Hochfügen, is dealt with in the Kaltenbach section on the Hochzillertal skiing page.
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Fügen is very easy to get to, whether arriving by car or public transport. The Inn valley motorway is only a few minutes away, while the village also boasts a railway station on the Ziller valley railway line.
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Fügen is built on a slope rising from the main Ziller valley floor. Some of the accommodation is on the lower level near the train station and tourist office, while other hotels are near the bottom station of the Spieljochbahn gondola.
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What Fügen is good for...

  • good access, first resort in Ziller valley
  • variety of skiing with Fügen and Hochfügen area

What Fügen is not so good for...

  • village is not particularly attractive
  • ski areas crowded in busy periods

Fügen Ski Area