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Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 51km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 128km
Distance to Munich Airport: 174km

Nearest railway station to Fügen: railway station in town

getting to fügen by air

Fügen is a relatively easy place to get to. It is the first real stop in the Ziller valley and as accessible on public transport as it is by car.

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck is only just over 50km away from the resort with most of the trip being along the Inn valley motorway to Jenbach before turning into the Ziller valley.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

The distance given above is for the shortest route, taking the "German corner" through from Salzburg to Lofer to Wörgl and then along the motorway to near Jenbach. However, it may be more convenient in bad weather or if unfamiliar with the route to take the longer motorway route through Germany to near Rosenheim and then crossing into Austria at Kufstein and onto the Inn valley motorway.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Munich is another airport which has a fairly simple route to Fügen. The motorway heads south from the airport and joins onto the route described above near Rosenheim.

train travel to fügen

Train gif Railway Station

Fügen is on the Ziller valley railway line and has a station in the village on the main road. From Jenbach there are connections east and west to Salzburg and Innsbruck.

finding your way around the resort

The main part of Fügen is located down near the Ziller valley road and the railway station. The lifts - a beginner drag and the gondola to the Spieljoch area - are situated slightly above this section along the road towards Hochfügen.

Fügen has a good choice of four- and three-star hotels in both upper and lower parts of the village.

The hotels listed individually below are all have an official rating of four stars or four stars superior. Those who are looking for something a little more homely or a different type of accommodation might like to use the link below, which checks availability for all of the resort.

fügen hotel accommodation

Pankrazbergstrasse 32
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62030
Fax: 05288 62030 24
Hotel Held
Kleinbodenerstrasse 6
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62386
Fax: 05288 62386 7
Hotel Bruno
Haidach 23
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62460
Fax: 05288 63035
Hotel Crystal
Hochfügener Strasse 63
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62425
Fax: 05288 62426
Hotel Elisabeth
Hochfügener Strasse 67
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62972
Fax: 05288 62972 311
Hotel Haidachhof
Haidach 2
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62380
Fax: 05288 62306 6
Hotel Kohlerhof
Hochfügener Strasse 84
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62962
Fax: 05288 64130
Hotel Malerhaus
Bahnhofstrasse 2
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62278
Fax: 05288 62278 22
SCOL Hotel Zillertal
Dorfplatz 14
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 63212
Fax: 05288 63214 14
Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl
Hochfügenerstrasse 7
A-6263 Fügen
Tel: 05288 62326
Fax: 05288 64118

map of fügen