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Gerlos is a slightly remote alpine hamlet on the border between the provinces of Salzburg and the Tyrol.

The winter interest is primarily based on the altitude both of the resort village and the ski slopes in general - relatively unusual for Austria with its mostly lower ski resorts.

A second major reason is the scope of the ski area, which stretches from Zell am Ziller all the way to Hochkrimml on the other side of the Gerlos Pass.

Elevation: 1300 metres

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Location: 6281 Gerlos - Tyrol - Austria

In the summertime this small hamlet of less than 1000 inhabitants is normally somewhere to pass on the way from more popular Tyrolean summer resorts through to the famous Krimml waterfalls. The current road over the Gerlos Pass was only built in the 1960s, although it was an important strategic and trade route before that.

It is in the winter that Gerlos comes into its own. The major development for the resort was the connection to Zell am Ziller which expanded the available ski area and improved access tremendously, although the building of the lifts and infrastructure was extremely controversial at the time and continues to have political ramifications for other ski area expansion plans elsewhere in the Tyrol.

Gerlos doesn't feature in the Austrian section of many package holiday company brochures, at least on the English-speaking market, and the many four-star hotels, spread out amongst the different hamlets which make up Gerlos, cater to a largely Dutch and German public.
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Yet the ski area is more extensive and snow-sure than many of the more favoured competitors. The scenery is stunning and skiing from one side of the area to the other and back again will take the normal skier most of a day.
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The drawback, and there had to be one for such a relatively unknown resort on the English-speaking market, is the relative remoteness of Gerlos from major airports and public transport. This may be why it has become so popular with self-drive visitors from mainland Europe, but it is certainly possible for the more independent traveller to make their own way to the resort.
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What Gerlos is good for...

  • high altitude resort with good snow record
  • sizeable ski area while retaining mountain atmosphere

What Gerlos is not so good for...

  • not as easy to get to as many other resorts
  • can be difficult to find holiday packages in resort

Gerlos Austria