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Flachau is an up-and-coming ski resort on the English-speaking market with a surprisingly large connected ski area for an 'unknown' resort. If the name rings a bell, it's probably due to the images of thousands of people flocking to the night World Cup slalom race every year.

The village has great transport connections - especially to the popular winter airport at Salzburg - and is literally just a minute away from the motorway.

Elevation: 920 metres

Last updated: 23.10.22

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Location: 5542 Flachau - Salzburg - Austria

Like many mountain towns, Flachau has a history which is connected to mining. In the case of Flachau, it was actually a centre for smelting the iron ore which was brought to the smelter in the village.

Tourism started post-war and summer was the initial season to take off in the Fifties. The winter lifts were built in the next decade and the construction of the Tauern motorway and the associated tunnel created a boom for the resort with much easier accessibility.

Flachau was part of one of the earliest connected ski areas in Austria, with the agreement between St Johann im Pongau, Wagrain and the village in the 1980s. These days it is part of one of the largest lift pass areas in Europe - the Ski Amadé - which covers 25 ski villages in the province of Salzburg.

Flachau's ski area offers access from three different points and has been modernised with the introduction of the up-to-date 'Jet' chairlifts. The connection over to the furthest side of Wagrain and onwards to St Johann im Pongau is now made across the valley with the massive new G-Link cable car.
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Flachau could not be more convenient if you are a driver or are looking for a bus transfer - it is literally just off one of the country's main motorways.
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The accommodation in Flachau is all pretty much near the lifts as there are convenient access points to the skiing on all sides of the mountain.
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What Flachau is good for...

  • decent-sized ski area which is great for intermediate skiers
  • options of travel to alternative ski areas on same lift pass
  • transport connections via the nearby motorway

What Flachau is not so good for...

  • despite it being a village, there is not much traditional atmosphere
  • much of the skiing is relatively low
  • very popular with school groups outside high season

Flachau ski resort