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Distance to Salzburg Airport: 75km
Distance to Klagenfurt Airport: 153km
Distance to Linz Airport: 200km
Distance to Graz Airport: 210km

Nearest train station to Flachau: Radstadt Railway Station - 12km

Last updated: 08.10.23

nearest airport to flachau

Looking at the distances, the range of flights on offer and the simple convenience of the travel options, Salzburg airport is the top choice for those looking to fly in for a ski break in Flachau. The other airports really only come into play if there is a particular reason to use a destination.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport has a wide range of charter and scheduled flights in the winter season (with the charters mostly on the weekend). The airport is connected to the railway station via airport bus and those picking up a car rental will find that there is only a short section of the journey which is not on the motorway.

Airport gif Klagenfurt Airport

Klagenfurt has good road connections through to Flachau via the Tauern Autobahn (motorway) but a quite limited choice of destinations with some budget carriers and regional scheduled flights to some German cities.

Airport gif Linz Airport

Linz is a destination for some of the budget flight operators and offers a limited range of scheduled flights from and to German destinations. Transport to Flachau, whether by road or rail, is easiest through Salzburg.

Airport gif Graz Airport

Graz has a decent programme of scheduled flights, mainly from cities in nearby countries. The easiest road route is via the A9 through to Schladming and on to Radstadt.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Munich is quite a distance away but may still be an option because of the accessible road and rail transport connections to Salzburg and the wide range of flights available.

train travel

Train gifRadstadt Railway Station

The nearest railway station is 12km away in the town of Radstadt. The station offers fast Inter-City and EC rail connections and there are frequent bus services to the resort.

finding your way around the resort

Flachau is a sprawling resort on the western side of the Tauern motorway with clusters of accommodation around the bases of the various lifts leading into the ski area.

The main part of the village, with the World Cup race course and the tourist office, is near the base of the Star Jet chairlifts, although there is another group of hotels around the bottom station of the Achter Jet gondola.

flachau hotel accommodation

Hotel Alpenhof
Flachauerstrasse 98
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2205
Hotel Bergzeit
Stahlhammergasse 236
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2860
Hotel Felsenhof
Kreuzmoosstrasse 88
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 22510
Hotel Flachauerhof
Flachauerstrasse 157
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2225
Hotel Forellenhof
Am Hammerrain 188
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2273
Hotel Hartl
Unterberggasse 214
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2716
Fax: 06457 2716333
Schlosshotel Lacknerhof
Unterberggasse 172
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 23790
Hotel Montanara
Unterberggasse 167
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2403
Hotel Pongauerhof
Flachauerstrasse 138
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2242
Hotel Reslwirt
Dorfstrasse 10
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 3030
Hotel Tauernhof
Flachauerstrasse 163
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2311
Hotel Tirolerhof
Hofgasse 214
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2779
Uncle Jack's Hotel
Hofgasse 238
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 0664 4607387
Hotel Unterberghof
Unterberggasse 240
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 342991
Hotel Vierjahreszeiten
Unterberggasse 251
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2981
Hotel Waidmannsheil
Wastlgasse 195
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 2368
Hotel Winterbauer
Feuersangweg 28
A-5542 Flachau
Tel: 06457 4248

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