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One of the most frequent questions posed by visitors to Ski-Austria is how to get skiing from Vienna.

Most of the site's coverage is naturally concentrated on the western side of Austria, as that is where the largest and best-known resorts are located.

Of course there are smaller resorts all over the country, some even closer to Vienna than the ones that have been chosen for this page.

But skiing with a single ski lift on a crowded ski slope is probably not what the normal skier wants to experience if they are making the effort to get out from the capital city and onto the piste.

ski resorts near vienna

You aren't going to find a cable car sweeping up to a wealth of challenging slopes like you may do further to the west in Salzburg or the Tyrol.

However, here are six resorts that generally have decent snow conditions, are not too far from Austria's capital and have enough ski runs to keep an intermediate skier happy for a day...


Zauberberg, SemmeringSemmering is not the most extensive or highest ski resort, but it is arguably the best-known of the six winter destinations picked for this page. Around an hour's drive from Vienna, Semmering is located to the south-west on the border between Styria and Lower Austria. The Zauberberg Semmering area boasts 1 gondola, one chairlift and a draglift and a vertical drop of 336m, while the nearby Stuhleck area at Spital am Semmering has four chairlifts, six draglifts and a vertical of just under 1000m.
Altitude: 1000m
Distance from Vienna
: 100km
Websites: |

Mönichkirchen - Mariensee

Mariensee MönichkirchenAnother small ski resort an hour's drive to the southwest of Vienna near the border between Lower Austria and Styria, the Mönichkirchen - Mariensee Skischaukel is close to the A2 motorway and offers three 4-seater chairlifts and a draglift, with a vertical drop of around 2000 feet (580m).
Altitude: 880m
Distance from Vienna
: 98km

Mönichkirchen Webcam

Sankt Corona am Wechsel

St Corona am WechselSt Corona is the third of the resorts close to Vienna on the Lower Austria border with Styria and only around an hour away from the city. At a similar altitude to its nearby rivals above and again easily reached by the motorway, the St Corona am Wechsel ski area offers two chairlifts and a draglift with a total altitude difference of just under 2000 feet (570m).
Altitude: 850m
Distance from Vienna
: 98km


Annaberg ski areaSituated in the Mostviertel, the Annaberg ski area is a family resort near the Ötscher mountain. With three chairlifts and six draglifts it is one of the bigger ski resorts near Vienna, but it is another 45 minutes' drive further away than the three already mentioned above and further to the west. It has a drop of just under 1800 feet (535m).
Altitude: 805m
Distance from Vienna
: 116km

Annaberg Webcam


Lackenhof am ÖtscherMoving further away from Vienna to the west, the Ötscher ski area above the village of Lackenhof approaches the vertical drop and facilities of the smaller resorts in Austria's traditional skiing regions. Three chairlifts and six draglifts serve the runs which rise over 3500 feet (1080m). The area is just over two hours' drive from the city.
Altitude: 810m
Distance from Vienna
: 156km

Ötscher Webcam


Hochkar ski areaThe Hochkar ski area is the largest of the six chosen on this page. It is located just over two hours' drive to the west and south of the city near the border between Styria and Lower Austria and near the village of Göstling an der Ybbs. It has a relatively small vertical drop of under 1400 feet (416m) but a high initial starting point.
Altitude: 1390m
Distance from Vienna
: 161km

Hochkar Live Image

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