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Grossarl is the main settlement in the Grossarltal - a relatively undeveloped valley on the other side of the mountain range from the more renowned Gastein valley. It connects via the ski area to the Dorfgastein skiing.

The valley is known as the "valley of the alms" (alms are mountain pastures in Austria, or the huts on those pastures) and the name gives an idea of the unspoilt country atmosphere awaiting visitors here.

Elevation: 920 metres

Last updated: 08.10.23

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Location: 5611 Grossarl - Salzburg - Austria

The remote Grossarl valley was originally settled by farmers looking for land to graze their animals. The main village of Grossarl grew rapidly with the expansion of the mining in the Middle Ages, but also suffered badly from outbreaks of the plague and from poverty.

Once the main road into the valley was built, winter and summer tourism expanded and the Grossarl/Dorfgastein ski area is now one of the most pleasant and unspoilt areas to sample in this part of the province of Salzburg.

Most of the hotels in the valley are at the base of the lifts in Grossarl, or in one of the nearby villages such as Eben, Au or Hüttschlag.

The Grossarl ski area ascends the Unterberg to the Kreuzkogel and Fulseck, at an altitude of just over 2000m. The ski area connects into the area above Dorfgastein on the other side of the mountain range.
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The Grossarltal (the Grossarl valley) has good road connections through to Salzburg and the main north-south motorway down to Carinthia. The most convenient airport is Salzburg airport.
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Grossarl is the main settlement in the long valley that bears its name. The other principal village - Hüttschlag - is located further up the valley, and there are also several other small hamlets up and down the Grossarl valley where some hotels are located: Eben, Bach, Unterberg, Au and Schied, for example.

The individual boxes below detail the four star hotels offering half board in the Grossarl valley. A wider selection of star ratings and different types of accommodation can be found by using the search box here to check availability in the resort for your stay.

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Hotel Edelweiss
Unterberg 83
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 300
Hotel Grossarler Hof
Unterberg 122
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 8384
Family Resort Moar-Gut
Bach 19
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 318
Hotel Nesslerhof
Unterberg 1
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 8120
Hotel & Berggasthaus Alpenklang
Schied 21
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 575
Hotel Alte Post
Marktplatz 24
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 207
Hotel Auhof
Unterberg 72
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 8889
Hotel Bergzeit
Unterberg 157
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 200 400
Hotel Fichtenhof
Au 51
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 332
Hotel Johanneshof
Unterberg 126
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 8204
Hotel Kristall
Unterberg 158
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 8767
Hotel Lammwirt
Grossarl 60
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 400
Hotel Roslehen
Unterberg 2
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 321
Vitalhotel Tauernhof
Unterberg 85
A-5611 Grossarl
Tel: 06414 264

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