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Flachau Ski Area

flachau ski area

The skiing between Flachau and St Johann im Pongau is now known as the Snow Space Salzburg and offers a wide range of slopes and lifts over three linked villages. Although the top elevation is not that high, it is very popular because of the amount of skiing available and the easy access.

Flachau Ski Area
Cable cars: 2
Gondolas: 9
Chairlifts: 16
Draglifts and moving carpets: 18

flachau skiing

Flachau's favourite son - champion ski racer Hermann Maier - brought the resort worldwide renown and the regular floodlit World Cup race attracts thousands of spectators every year.

But even without all of the publicity the ski area above the village has enough to attract anyone looking for a winter holiday with a variety of intermediate runs and plenty of places to ski to.

Flachau has three different access points to the skiing located at three different points in the village strung out at the base of the Griessenkareck mountain. The valley lifts in Flachau, like those in nearby Flachauwinkl, have all been rebranded - here with 'jet' at the end of the name.


Starting at the furthest east, the Star Jet 1 six-seater chairlift rises above the venue for the women's World Cup race, a night slalom. (The slope and racetrack has been renamed after Hermann Maier.) Like almost all of the valley runs, the run back down to the village is a wide and relatively undemanding red run, although icy conditions can make it slightly more tricky.

Above the initial Star Jet there are two more Star Jet chairlifts (II and III) accessing the top of the main ski area and the route over to Wagrain, as well as the highest section of the Flachau skiing around the Kogelalm cable car and the Topliner chairlift. There are a couple of black runs here as well as some ungroomed routes to the side of the main piste and through the trees for those looking for a deep snow experience in appropriate conditions.

Back down at Flachau and moving around the base of the mountain, the next point is the popular Achter Jet gondola, which rises to around the altitude of the second stage of the Star Jet chairlifts. There are plenty of mountain restaurants available in this popular part of the ski area.

The third of the Flachau access points is the Space Jet collection of chairlifts. Like the Star Jets around the corner, the Space Jets are three chairlifts which eventually reach the Kogelalm area and the top of the other series of lifts. Like all the other sides, the runs back down to Flachau are wide and long intermediate red pistes through the trees.

Those looking for slightly easier runs may prefer the unchallenging area around the Star Jet II and Space Jet II and a long looping blue run which crosses over the main red routes.

Flachau ski area

In between the settlements of Wagrain and Flachau is the Rote 8'er gondola, which again accesses the Kogelalm area and an interesting red run back down to the mid-station. Beginner and less adventurous intermediates will enjoy the area around the mid-station and the run back down to the valley.

The link into the Shuttleberg area between Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl also leaves from just under the Kogelalm.

Finally, over above Wagrain, the Flying Mozart gondolas also access the Kogelalm in two different stages. Once again, the runs to the parking area on the edge of the town are the familiar wide red runs with plenty of opportunity to stop for a drink or a bite to eat.

The difference with this valley run is the G-Link cable car, which starts half-way down the red run under the Flying Mozart gondolas and provides a way of getting over to the other side of the valley without skiing all the way back down to the floor and crossing Wagrain.

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wagrain / st johann im pongau skiing

Wagrain St Johann im Pongau Ski Area

The G-Link cable car crosses over the valley which heads up towards Kleinarl and links into the western Wagrain side at the top of the Grafenberg Express I gondola. Skiers can take the chairlift for the second stage up to the Grafenberg or opt for the interesting red down to the valley and the choice of the Grafenberg Express gondola or the smaller but longer Grafenberg gondola.

Once up at the Grafenberg skiers are into the connection over towards St Johann im Pongau and here the character of the skiing changes from wide reds to a mixture of blue, red and black runs which need careful attention for route-finding.

Especially if time is pressing to get from one side or another, skiers should ensure that they stay high enough to access paths which traverse between one area and another.

If there is no time pressure, then visitors have the chance to sample some shorter but attractive runs of all standards in the bowls under the Grafenberg, Sonntagskogel and Gernkogel mountains.

Skiing above Wagrain towards St Johann im Pongau

At the top of the Gernkogel, skiers can take the long and interesting red run to the base of the Buchaubahn gondola or they can opt for the series of blue runs down to the edge of the ski area and the hamlet of Alpendorf on the outskirts of St Johann im Pongau.

The way back into the main ski area is via the Alpendorf gondola and the Obergassalm chairlift or the Gernkogel chairlift and the Buchaubahn back up to the Gernkogel.

flachau webcam

The live webcam stream below is taken from the top of the Achter Jet lift in Flachau. Other webcams in the area are available by clicking on the buttons above the webcam stream.