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Luxury hotels abound in the village of Lech - but the accommodation at the four-star level is not always aimed at the rarified air of the upper classes.

There are plenty of hotels which class themselves as family-run operations and which welcome their guests back year after year.

Of course, for those looking to pamper themselves, Lech can also offer hotels with the most luxurious of facilities...

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Last updated: 03.07.23

finding your way around the resort

Guests staying in Lech will arrive from the bottom of the map shown above - the route from the main Arlberg Pass road and over the Flexen Pass through Zürs is the only road open in the winter months.

Much of the accommodation is along this main road through the resort, with an especial concentration around the village centre and slightly above it on the right. (These areas are known as Dorf and Anger.)

Another cluster of hotels and guesthouses can be found within the village on the other side of the stream and along the initial stages of the side road towards the hamlet of Zug. (These areas are known as Tannberg and Omesberg.)

There is also quite a healthy selection of accommodation in Oberlech, which is up on the wide and gentle ski slopes immediately above the village but also accessible by car. This means that it is one of the few areas which can truly claim ski-in ski-out accommodation in Austria.

A completely different option for accommodation is Zug - a tiny village for a real 'get-away-from-it-all' feeling only three kilometers from Lech and with direct access to and from the ski slopes.

featured hotel

Goldener Berg Hotel

Hotel Goldener Berg, Lech am ArlbergA-6764 Oberlech
Tel: 05583 2205 0
Fax: 05583 2205 13

The Goldener Berg is one of the original hotels in the resort - dating back from the time when it was converted into accommodation in the 1920s by former officers of the Austrian army. It is located in Oberlech on the ski slopes and now operates as a ski-in ski-out boutique hotel with rooms and suites.

other upmarket hotel accommodation

Hotel Almhof Schneider
Tannberg 59
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 3500
Fax 05583 3500 33
Hotel Aurelio
Tannberg 130
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 2214
Fax: 05583 2214 3456
Hotel Arlberg
Tannberg 187
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 2134 0
Fax: 05583 2134 25
Burg Vital Resort
Oberlech 568
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 3140
Fax 05583 3140 16
Romantik Hotel Krone
Dorf 13
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 2551
Fax: 05583 2551 81
Hotel Gasthof Post
Dorf 11
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 2206 0
Fax: 05583 2206 23

lech ski chalets

Those looking for boutique-style chalet accommodation might prefer one of Lech's range of luxury ski chalet properties in the quieter Omesberg part of the village, about 500m from the ski lifts.

Lech Lodge
Omesberg 700
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 0664 1012220
Omesberg Hütt’n
Omesberg 783
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 39873
Design Chalets 685 | 686
Omesberg 685
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 0664 3518989

accommodation in zug

Here are a few options for the hamlet of Zug, near Lech. A larger sample of accommodation can be found and availability checked by using the search box above and centering the map on Zug.

Circle Chalets Arlberg
Zug 710
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 30981 40
Fax 04274 51 227
Adler Hotel Palma
Zug 344
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 2757
Fax: 05583 2757 66
Gasthof Rote Wand
Zug 5
A-6764 Lech
Tel: 05583 3435 0
Fax: 05583 3435 40

lech accommodation map

A map of Lech with some accommodation options.

Enter your proposed dates for winter accommodation availability. (The default view is for the following day so there may be limited accommodation available outside the main tourism seasons!)

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