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Fieberbrunn Ski Area

fieberbrunn ski area

The skiing in Fieberbrunn had been an under-rated treasure for years - but that all changed in December 2015 with the link into the Saalbach-Hinterglemm area. From being a hidden gem, Fieberbrunn was catapulted to the status of a part of one of the largest linked ski areas in Austria.

Fieberbrunn Ski Area
Gondolas: 8
Chairlifts: 2
Draglifts and moving carpets: 4

Total Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn lifts: 70

fieberbrunn ski area

The ski area is located just outside the town above the main road towards the province of Salzburg.

The ski area base has two big resort hotels, as well as restaurants, ski school and ski hire shops. There are numerous car parks as well as a regular ski bus service for those staying in Fieberbrunn.

Three lifts are available from the base area. The short Obigleitn drag is off to the side and thus well suited for beginners.

The lift building to the right looking up the hill houses the Streuboden gondola. This is actually one of these strange Austrian lifts where they group gondolas in fours or fives and thus create a cable car/gondola hybrid.

The first section serves a cruisy wide blue run all the way back down to the base. At the top there is another drag lift suitable for beginners and early intermediate skiers with its own run. There is also the option to take the Lärchfilzkogel gondola which rises to the high point of this side of the area at 1645m.

The route back to the top of the Streuboden gondola is via a winding red run through the trees which turns into a blue and crosses the top of the short Gatterl draglift.

An alternate route from the top of the Lärchfilzkogel gondola is to take the red run past the top of the Lärchfilz chairlift and then take the cut-off for the red run back to the base station. This is a long interesting run which ends up heading down to the bottom of the third lift at the base area: the Doischberg gondola.

Fieberbrunn ski area

Thankfully this is a normal gondola which only climbs a few hundred metres. It is the quickest way to access the Lärchfilz chairlift mentioned above. As well as having some long intermediate runs from the along the line of the lift it also accesses the only way into the 'other side' of the Fieberbrunn area.

The access in question is via the Reckmoos Nord gondola, which can be reached just under the top of the Lärchfilz chair. The gondola descends to a 'mid-station' (which is actually the bottom of the run for the route back to this side) and then climbs to 1873m, where another wide area with two long lifts awaits.

The runs on this side are all long cruising intermediate level reds and blues. The Hochhörndl chairlift is the only lift to climb above 2000m, with some spectacular views over the mountains to the south from the top station.

Fieberbrunn ski area

The lower of the two lifts is the Reckmoos Süd gondola. The base of this lift is where the link-up with Hinterglemm connects into the Fieberbrunn ski area.

Getting back to the starting point means taking the long red beside the Reckmoos Nord gondola. Those feeling good about their skiing might want to take a short and relatively innocuous black alternative route, but both the red and the black end up at the 'mid-station' with a short climb back into the main Fieberbrunn area underneath the Lärchfilz chairlift.

A long blue traverse heads back over to the top of the Streuboden gondola, while the red run mentioned earlier takes a direct route to the base area. An alternative is to ski to the bottom of the short Maiskopf draglift just before the base station of the chairlift. The top of the drag meets the Doischberg gondola, with a long and wide red run beside the lift back to the car park and bus stops. There is also a race area to the left of this run.

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fieberbrunn webcam

The live webcam stream below is taken from the top of the Lärchfilzkogel. Other webcams in the area are available by clicking on the middle button above the webcam stream.