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Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 75km
Distance to Memmingen Airport: 109km
Distance to Friedrichshafen Airport: 139km
Distance to Munich Airport: 150km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 258km
Distance to Zurich Airport: 268km

Nearest railway station to Lermoos: Lermoos Railway Station

getting to lermoos by air

The German airports come into focus when debating the best destination for skiing in Lermoos but Innsbruck still tends to be the best choice for this resort.

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is the closest and most convenient for Lermoos. Innsbruck has long been known as a popular destination for ski charter flights - especially from the northern European countries - but now the introduction of new lower-fare scheduled flights from major destinations like London has made it into a real option for those flying from further afield.

The route from Innsbruck follows the main Inn valley motorway up to the Silz turnoff onto the Mieminger plateau. The road then descends to Nassereith and takes the steep climb over the Fern pass. This route can be extremely crowded in high season or slow in bad weather.

Airport gif Memmingen Airport

Allgäu Airport, as it is also known, is building up a decent reputation for an arrival destination for the area north of Lake Constance and to the west of Munich. The winter months see a number of scheduled and chartered services aimed at the ski market. The driving route is simplicity, being motorway all the way down past Kempten before heading into Austria near Reutte.

Airport gif Friedrichshafen Airport

Friedrichshafen Airport, as another one of the "new" destinations for winter charters and low-cost flights, is also a viable alternative for travellers heading to Lermoos. Car drivers should take the route across the southern part of Germany via Wangen and Kempten before dropping down into Austria and the Ausserfern at Reutte.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Munich Airport is another decent option for Lermoos, with the main route heading through the city itself and down to Garmisch on the motorway. At Garmisch, a smaller regional road leads past Grainau in the direction of Ehrwald and Lermoos.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport is unlikely to be a popular choice for Lermoos but, because of the variety of charter flights offered in the winter, it may be the only option available. A shorter journey can be made via the local roads cutting across from the Salzburg-Munich motorway to the Munich-Garmisch motorway but the surest route is probably to drive to Innsbruck and then as described in the description above.

Airport gif Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is a popular airport for those arriving via scheduled flight, but a long journey to Lermoos. Probably the most sensible route would be via the Arlberg tunnel and Inn valley motorway to Imst and then over the Fern pass.

rail travel

Train gifLermoos Railway Station

Lermoos lies on the Ausserfernbahn regional rail line which connects Kempten in Germany, Reutte in Austria and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. Connections are available from Innsbruck and Munich via Garmisch and from Friedrichshafen via Kempten.

finding your way around the resort

The hotels in Lermoos are mostly clustered along the three main streets or in the central square around the church.

Most of the accommodation is within easy reach of one of the two lifts which leave the village centre at either end.

There is a good range of prices and degrees of service and comfort within the three-star and four-star hotel range individually listed below. For other hotel categories or alternative types of accommodation, please use the availability search box here.

lermoos hotel accommodation

Hotel Alpenrose
Danielstrasse 3
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2424
Fax: 05673 242424
Mohr Life Resort
Innsbrucker Strasse 40
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2362
Fax: 05673 3538
Hotel Post
Kirchplatz 6
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2281
Fax: 05673 2281841
Familotel Bellevue
Mösle 7
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2151
Fax: 05673 2151150
Hotel Bergland
Reuttener Strasse 1
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2913
Fax: 05673 291335
Hotel Edelweiss
Danielstrasse 7
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2214
Fax: 05673 2214130
Hotel Klockerhof
Widum 12
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2116
Fax: 05673 21166
Hotel Rustika
Oberdorf 16
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2724
Fax: 05673 272440
Sporthotel Zugspitze
Innsbrucker Strasse 51
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2630
Fax: 05673 263015
Hotel Tyrol
Oberdorf 10
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2217
Fax: 05673 31939
Hotel Hubertushof
Kirchplatz 7
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2161
Fax: 05673 216115
Hotel Gasthof Juchhof
Juch 2
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2205
Fax: 05673 22055
Sporthotel Pechtl
Mösle 3
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2898
Hotel Pension Tirolerhof
Garmischer Strasse 6
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel: 05673 2642
Fax: 05673 264233

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