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Distance to Salzburg Airport: 83km
Distance to Klagenfurt Airport: 172km
Distance to Linz Airport: 209km
Distance to Graz Airport: 212km

Nearest railway station to Zauchensee: Radstadt Bahnhof - 15km

getting to zauchensee by air

Salzburg airport is by far and away the most convenient location for those arriving by air, both from the point of view of choice of flights and road and rail connections from the airport. The smaller regional Austrian airports might offer alternatives for those who are served by their more restricted choice of flights.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport offers a good variety of charter flights in the winter (mostly on the weekend) as well as the usual scheduled flights. Those renting a car from the airport will find that the route is straight down the motorway to the south with only a short non-motorway stretch at beginning and end. Salzburg is also well-served by rail connections (reached by airport bus) in the direction of Radstadt, the nearest railway station.

Airport gif Klagenfurt Airport

Klagenfurt is the second closest airport to Zauchensee and has limited flights from low-cost carriers as well as a slightly more extensive programme from some Germany cities. Road access from the airport is mostly via the Tauern motorway.

Airport gif Linz Airport

Linz has a few low-cost flights from destinations within Europe as well as mainly business services from some German cities. Road or rail access to Zauchensee is easiest through Salzburg.

Airport gif Graz Airport

Graz has a decent programme of scheduled flights, mainly from cities in nearby countries. The easiest road route is via the A9 through to Schladming and on to Radstadt.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Although it is quite a distance away, Munich may still be an option because of the transport connections through to Salzburg and the wide range of flights available.

train travel

Train gif Radstadt Railway Station

The nearest railway station to Zauchensee is down in the valley in Radstadt. The railway station there is a regular stop on fast Inter-City and EC trains and there are frequent bus services up to the resort.

finding your way around the resort

Zauchensee is a small settlement at the base of the ski lifts up in the mountains above the larger town of Altenmarkt, but still has a good variety of accommodation options.

The hotels individually listed below are all have an official rating of four stars. Those who are looking for something a little more homely or a different type of accommodation might like to use the search box below, which checks availability for the entire resort.

zauchensee hotel accommodation

Wohlfühlhotel Alpenhof
Zauchensee 29
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4014
Fax: 06452 4014 81
Hotel Salzburger Hof
Zauchensee 22
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4015
Fax: 06452 4015 56
Hotel Alpenrose
Zauchensee 24
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4027
Fax: 06452 4027 55
Hotel Enzian
Zauchensee 15
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4061
Fax: 06452 4061 60
Hotel Sportalm
Zauchensee 27
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4006
Fax: 06452 4006 5
Hotel Zauchensee Zentral
Zauchensee 16
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4090
Fax: 06452 4090 71
Hotel Zauchenseehof
Zauchensee 12
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 06452 4012
Fax: 06452 4012 6

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