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Aerial view of Vorderlanersbach

hotels in finkenberg & tux

Finkenberg is a ski resort which lies just above Mayrhofen on the way up to the Tux valley.

Vorderlanersbach and Tux are small settlements running into one another and each with its own access to a different area of the interlinked ski region.

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Finkenberg Austria
Finkenberg is located up the Tux valley from Mayrhofen in a slightly elevated and quieter position. Most of the accommodation is clustered around the main street through the village as the road rises on its way to the head of the valley at the Hinterux glacier.

The resort is a good alternative to Mayrhofen for those who are seeking a quieter village atmosphere. It has good connections into the Penken ski area via the Finkenberger Almbahn cable car, which rises in two stages from the village.
STOCK Resort
Dorf 142
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 6775
Fax: 05285 6775 421
Ferienhotel Aussicht
Dornau 306
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 62680
Fax: 05285 63570
Hotel Dornauhof
Dornau 308
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 62696
Fax: 05285 62696 7
Hotel Eberl
Dorf 131
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 62667
Fax: 05285 62490 19
Olympiahotel Leonhard Stock
Dorf 151
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 62688
Fax: 05285 62688 33
Hotel Kristall
Dorf 143
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 62840
Fax: 05285 62124 7
Hotel Pension Margit
Persal 217
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 63453
Fax: 05285 63453 36
Hotel Ramerhof
Dorf 135
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel: 05285 62166
Fax: 05285 62166 20

finkenberg accommodation map

A map of Finkenberg with some accommodation options. Click on the prices for more details:

hotels in vorderlanersbach

Vorderlanersbach is the small settlement just before the road turns south into the higher part of the Tux valley. It is connected to the ski area by the Rastkogelbahn gondola, which links into an area of easy red and blue runs and to the Penken ski area.

Hotel Alpin Spa Tuxerhof
Vorderlanersbach 80
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 8511
Fax: 05287 8511 50
Hotel Alpenjuwel Jäger
Vorderlanersbach 282
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87217
Fax: 05287 87217 4
Hotel Testerhof
Vorderlanersbach 286
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87297
Fax: 05287 87217 4

hotels in tux

Lanersbach and Tux are two small connecting hamlets a little bit further on from Vorderlanersbach. Lanersbach is at the base of the Eggalmbahn cable car and lift system, which is a separate ski hill but links into the main area and is included on the ski passes. Tux is also the name of the area but the rest of the hotels between Tux and the Hintertux glacier ski area base station are included on our Hintertux accommodation page.

Alpendorf Anno Dazumal
Lanersbach 456b
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87783 0
Fax: 05287 87783 120
Hotel Auenhof
Lanersbach 340
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87488
Fax: 05287 87488 51
Hotel Bergfried
Lanersbach 483
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87239
Fax: 05287 87239 44
Sport Vital Hotel Central
Lanersbach 433
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 8504
Fax: 05287 8504 50
Sporthotel Kirchler
Lanersbach 453
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87201
Fax: 05287 86104
Brugger's Lanersbacher Hof
Lanersbach 388
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87256
Fax: 05287 87453
Hotel Tirolerhof
Lanersbach 335
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 87481
Fax: 05287 87481 4
Hotel Tuxertal
Lanersbach 338
A-6293 Tux
Tel: 05287 8577
Fax: 05287 8577 44

vorderlanersbach accommodation map

A map of the Vorderlanersbach and Tux area with some accommodation options. Click on the prices for more details: