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kirchberg in tirol

Kirchberg is a fairly sizeable village on the road between Kitzbühel and Westendorf. This small resort benefits from being linked into both the massive Ski Welt area (via the Ki-West gondola in the Sperten valley beyond Kirchberg) and into the large Kitzbühel interlinked area (by means either of a chairlift just to the south of the village centre or a gondola on the main road to Kitzbühel). It also has its own local area on the Gaisberg.

Altitude: 837m

finding your way around the resort

The main road between Kitzbühel and Westendorf has been moved out of the village centre and now goes into a tunnel to the north of the village before emerging near the Fleckalmbahn gondola.

The hotels in Kirchberg have benefited greatly from this traffic management project. Much of the accommodation is now located in quiet positions in the centre of the village or along the side valley on the road to Aschau and the Ki-West gondola.

The train station, for those not arriving by bus or car, is located on the northern side of the village centre not far from the bypass.

There is an extensive ski bus service to both of the ski area connections.


hotel accommodation

Hotel Elisabeth
Aschauerstrasse 75
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2277
Fax: 05357 3701
Website: www.hotel-elisabeth-tirol.com
Alpenresidenz Adler
Kitzbüheler Strasse 64
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2327
Fax: 05357 2327 205
Website: www.der-adler.at
Hotel Alexander
Lendstrasse 4
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2222
Fax: 05357 3407
Website: www.alexander.at
Hotel Bräuwirt
Neugasse 9
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2229
Fax: 05357 3879
Website: www.hotel-braeuwirt.at
Hotel Kirchberger Hof
Seestrasse 3
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2397
Fax: 05357 2397 42
Website: www.kirchbergerhof.at
Hotel Klausen
Klausen 8
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2128
Fax: 05357 3613
Website: www.klausen.at
Hotel Kroneck Aschaber
Aschauerstrasse 45
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2842 0
Fax: 05357 2842 406
Website: www.aschaber-hotels.at
Hotel Metzgerwirt
Pöllmühle 7
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2325
Fax: 05357 2325 49
Website: www.metzgerwirt.at
Gasthof-Hotel Rösslwirt
Lendstrasse 2
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2262
Fax: 05357 2161 6
Website: www.roesslwirt-kirchberg.at
Hotel Sonnalp
Almweg 22
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2741
Fax: 05357 2741 200
Website: www.hotelsonnalp.info
Activ Sunny Hotel Sonne
Seestrasse 15
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2402
Fax: 05357 2402 88
Website: www.sunny-hotel-sonne.at
Hotel Sportalm
Brandseitweg 26
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2778
Fax: 05357 3347 30
Website: www.hotel-sportalm.at
Hotel Zentral
Stöcklfeld 7
A-6365 Kirchberg
Tel: 05357 2535
Fax 05357 3857
Website: www.hotel-zentral.at

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