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Nearest Airport to Ischgl

Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 100km
Distance to Friedrichshafen Airport: 170km
Distance to Munich Airport: 230km
Distance to Zurich Airport: 236km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 277km

Nearest railway station to Ischgl: Landeck - 30km

air travel to ischgl

Once again, Innsbruck airport is the favoured destination for travellers taking flights to Ischgl. Friedrichshafen in Germany and Zurich in Switzerland offer options involving travel via the Arlberg tunnel or pass while transfers from Munich and Salzburg approach the resort from the east.

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is by far and away the most convenient airport for travellers heading into the Paznaun valley. Innsbruck has long been known as a popular destination for ski charter flights - especially from the northern European countries - but now the introduction of new lower-fare scheduled flights from major destinations like London has made it into a real option for those flying from further afield.

The route from Innsbruck follows the main Inn valley motorway up to where the road splits for Ischgl or St Anton. The road from Pians to Ischgl is a mountain road but without too many tricky sections.

Airport gif Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is a popular airport for those arriving via scheduled flights. Those without a car are advised to organise a transfer from the resort in advance. Those hiring a car would probably be best to take the route from Zurich via St Gallen and then joining the Austrian motorway system through Feldkirch and into the Arlberg tunnel to Pians before turning back into the Paznaun valley and up to Ischgl.

Airport gif Friedrichshafen Airport

Friedrichshafen Airport, as one of the newer destinations for winter charters and low-cost flights, has transformed itself into a popular option for visitors wanting to head for the west of Austria and its popular resorts and is the second closest airport for a visitor to Ischgl. The route from the airport follows the northern shore of Lake Constance and then crosses onto the Austrian motorway system at Bregenz before following the same route as the one from Zurich above.

Airport gif Munich Airport

There are various ways to head into Austria from Munich - the easiest and most convenient is to follow the motorway south to Kufstein and then along the Inn valley to Innsbruck (and then follow the directions above from Innsbruck).

Alternatively, drivers who know the area might wish to head through the city and onto the motorway south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From Garmisch there is the option of heading into Austria via Mittenwald and Seefeld or via the Fern pass and Imst - in both cases joining up with the Inn valley motorway.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport is definitely the least convenient of the airports for Ischgl but, because of the variety of charter flights offered in the winter, it may be the only option available. The road connection is through Germany to Kufstein on the Austrian border (and then via the Inn valley motorway as described above).

rail travel to ischgl

Train gif Landeck-Zams Train Station

Landeck-Zams is the most convenient train station as it is a fair size and has a regular public bus service heading up into the Paznaun valley (although the buses finish in the early evening).