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Ischgl is well-known for the variety of its hotels and much renovation and new construction has gone on in the village in recent years.

Some of the hotels now boast the most up-to-date and modern facilities and, in some cases, architecture and fittings. But there are also many luxury hotels which have kept to the traditional idea of upmarket family hotels.

Ischgl is a small village and many of the hotels and other accommodation are clustered on and around a small hill above the entrance to the two gondola stations. An escalator provides access to the higher part of the village. On the other side of the church the village flattens out along the road to Galtür and a number of hotels are located here near the Silvretta cable car.

Last updated: 02.07.23

finding your way around the resort

Visitors arriving in Ischgl will be heading up the Paznaun valley as the road over the pass into the Vorarlberg is closed in the winter months.

The main road bypasses the village to the right and there are car parking facilities at each exit off the road into the resort. Although the lifts are on the other side of the village to the main road, they are easily accessed on foot.

Most of the accommodation is directly in the village centre although, with the lack of space to expand in the traditional settlement, there has been some expansion along the road towards some of the more rural hamlets nearby, such as Mathon.

All of the accommodation listed below is in Ischgl centre. The individually-listed hotels are from the higher star ratings - Ischgl has a preponderance of hotels at the four-star level and above - but those looking for other forms of accommodation will still be able to find a good choice by using the availability search link here.

upmarket hotel accommodation

Hotel Trofana Royal
Dorfstrasse 95
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 600
Fax: 05444 600 90
Hotel Brigitte
Oberer Kirchenweg 3
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5646
Fax: 05444 5646 66
Hotel Fliana
Fimbabahnweg 8
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5543
Fax: 05444 5543 55
Alpenhotel Ischglerhof
Dorfstrasse 92
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5330
Fax: 05444 5330 64
Sporthotel Piz Buin
Dorfstrasse 16
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5300
Fax: 05444 5673
Alpvita Piz Tasna
Stöckwaldweg 5
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5277
Fax: 05444 5277 55
Hotel Post Ischgl
Dorfstrasse 67
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5232
Fax: 05444 5617 33
Schlosshotel Romantica
Dorfstrasse 85
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5633
Fax: 05444 5634 666
Hotel Salnerhof
Dorfstrasse 98
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5272
Fax: 05444 5182 47
Hotel Seespitz
Dorfstrasse 81
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5214
Fax: 05444 5708 4 Website:
Hotel Sonne
Dorfstrasse 57
A-6561 Ischgl
Tel: 05444 5302
Fax: 05444 5473 22

accommodation in samnaun

Samnaun is a small mountain village on the other side of the Ischgl ski area and a popular round trip for skiers. It also provides an interesting alternative to the sometimes boisterous nightlife of Ischgl and, although in Switzerland, it can only be reached via Austria and thus enjoys a duty-free status.

Hotel Chasa Montana
Dorfstrasse 30
CH-7563 Samnaun-Dorf
Tel: 081 861 90 00
Fax: 081 861 90 02
Hotel Post
Dorfstrasse 9
CH-7563 Samnaun-Dorf
Tel: 081 861 92 00
Fax: 081 861 92 93
Hotel Silvretta
Dorfstrasse 17
CH-7563 Samnaun-Dorf
Tel: 081 861 95 00
Fax: 081 861 95 05

ischgl accommodation map

If you know when you are planning to go but haven't decided on accommodation, then use the map below to get an idea of which properties are available and to compare prices during the period you wish to travel.

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(Please note that this selection will also include some guesthouses, pensions and self-catering apartments for those who are interested in that form of accommodation!)

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