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Distance to Salzburg Airport: 80km
Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 84km
Distance to Munich Airport: 147km

Nearest railway station to Scheffau:
St Johann in Tirol - 17km
Wörgl - 18km

getting to scheffau by air

The journey to Scheffau from all three major airports is similar to the other resorts in the Wilder Kaiser area - the village is about equi-distant from Salzburg and Innsbruck airports with Munich also being within easy reach.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport is marginally the closest airport to Scheffau, for those arriving on the mixture of charter flights, low-cost carriers and scheduled flights which land there.

The most direct route through to Scheffau uses the route through the "German corner" near the airport and then via Lofer and St Johann. This can be a trickier journey in bad weather and there is an alternate route via the German motorway to the junction with the Munich-Inn valley motorway north of Rosenheim.

From there drivers can take the motorway to near Wörgl and then the main road through Söll or, if confident in winter driving skills, the journey through the back roads from Kufstein directly to Scheffau.

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is probably the easiest of the airports for access to Scheffau as most of the journey is on the Inn valley motorway through to the transport hub of Wörgl and then on the local road via Söll to Scheffau.

Innsbruck has a great weekend selection of charter and scheduled flights and regular flights from the lower-cost carriers are also becoming extremely popular.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Munich Airport is located to the north of the city itself, but now sizeable airport has a good transport infrastructure and a motorway network which bypasses Munich to the east and then heads down to Rosenheim, where it joins up with the motorway from Salzburg, and the border at Kufstein.

As in the Salzburg airport section above, there are alternate routes from the border either via Wörgl and Söll or through the country roads from Kufstein.

The German motorways can get very busy on high season weekends.

train travel

Train gif St Johann in Tirol Railway Station | Wörgl Railway Station

St Johann in Tirol is located to the east of Scheffau and Wörgl to the west of the village. Since the two railway stations are on the same line, it makes sense to use Wörgl if arriving from the west and St Johann if arriving from the west.

Buses run during the day through to early evening from the railway station either via Söll from the west or via Ellmau from the east, while taxis are also available.

finding your way around the resort

Scheffau is perhaps the least-known of all the SkiWelt ski resorts, yet the skiing from the village is some of the best in the area.

The main part of Scheffau, where most of the accommodation is located, is set back from the main road that runs between Söll and Ellmau. Some accommodation is available closer to the lifts on the road.

The hotels listed individually below are all have an official rating of between three and four stars. Those who are looking for something a little more homely or a different type of accommodation might like to use this search box, which checks availability for all types of accommodation in the resort:

scheffau hotel accommodation

Hotel am Leitenhof
Leiten 33
A-6351 Scheffau
Tel: 05358 73370
Fax: 05358 73377
Hotel Kaiser in Tirol
Dorf 11
A-6351 Scheffau
Tel: 05358 8000
Fax: 05358 8000340
Hotel Alpin
Dorf 31
A-6351 Scheffau
Tel: 05358 85560
Fax: 05358 855668

scheffau accommodation map

The map below shows the village of Scheffau and a selection of accommodation in the area.

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