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Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 109km
Distance to Friedrichshafen Airport: 176km
Distance to Munich Airport: 232km

Nearest railway station to Galtür: Landeck-Zams 39km

Last updated: 08.10.23

nearest airport to galtür

One of the main attractions of Galtür is that it is a quiet mountain village with an atmosphere of 'getting away from it all'. Of course, one of the negative sides of that is that it is quite a way from transport hubs, with Innsbruck airport being by far the best option for travellers arriving on a flight.

Airport gif Getting from Innsbruck Airport to Galtür

Innsbruck is just over 100 kilometres away from Galtür and some of the journey from the airport involves a motorway journey through to the town of Pians and the start of the Paznaun valley. The last 30-odd kilometres up the valley run through the nearby ski resorts of See, Kappl and Ischgl..

Airport gif Getting from Munich Airport to Galtür

There are various ways to head into Austria from Munich - the easiest and most convenient is to follow the motorway south to Kufstein and then along the Inn valley to Innsbruck (and then follow the directions above from Innsbruck).

Alternatively, drivers who are familiar with southern Bavaria might wish to head through the city and onto the motorway south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From Garmisch there is the option of heading into Austria via Mittenwald and Seefeld or via the Fern pass and Imst - in both cases joining up with the Inn valley motorway before taking the turning up to Galtür.

Airport gif Getting from Friedrichshafen Airport to Galtür

Friedrichshafen is an option, albeit with a more limited choice of flights and a longer journey time than the two choices above. Those arriving at Friedrichshafen will need to skirt the northern shore of Lake Constance before joining the Austrian motorway system through to Feldkirch and into the Arlberg tunnel. From there take the express road down to the junction at Pians before turning back into the Paznaun valley and up to Galtür.

nearest train station to galtür

Train gif Landeck-Zams Train Station

Nearest railway station to Galtür: Landeck-Zams 39km

Landeck-Zams is the most convenient train station as it is a fair size and has a regular public bus service heading up into the Paznaun valley (although the buses finish in the early evening).

finding your way around galtür

Galtür is a small village and the accommodation is either on or near the main road through the settlement or further along the road in the hamlet of Wirl at the bottom of the lifts.

galtür hotel accommodation

Hotel Almhof
Wirl 4
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8253
Hotel Rössle
Galtür 47
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8232
Hotel Ballunspitze
Galtür 20
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8214
Hotel Büntali
Galtür 53
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8465
Hotel Fluchthorn
Galtür 42
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8202
Alpenhotel Tirol
Galtür 68
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8206
VAYA Galtür
Galtür 47b
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 0720 229763
Hotel Wirlerhof
Wirl 8a
A-6563 Galtür
Tel: 05443 8231

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