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Distance to Salzburg Airport: 74km
Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 87km
Distance to Munich Airport: 150km

Nearest railway stations to Ellmau: St Johann in Tirol - 12km, Wörgl - 21km

Last updated: 08.10.23

nearest airport to ellmau

Ellmau is virtually equidistant from Innsbruck and Salzburg airports - especially when travel time is factored in - while Munich airport is a simple haul up the motorway for most of the journey.

Airport gif Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport is the closest airport to Ellmau. The airport offers a variety of charter flights, low-cost carriers and scheduled flights. The quickest way to Ellmau takes minor roads through ski resorts which can, however, make for a long journey in bad weather. It runs through the small part of Germany which separates one part of the province of Salzburg from another and then via Lofer and St Johann to Ellmau and the rest of the Tiroler Unterland resorts.

An alternate route can be taken via the German motorway system to Kufstein and Wörgl - although longer, this is possibly a better option in bad weather, but may be busy on weekends in high season.

Airport gif Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is not the closest of the airports, but the motorway connections through to the Inn valley town of Wörgl make it a popular one. Once off the motorway it is around 20-30 minutes' drive through Söll and past Scheffau to the resort.

One reason why Innsbruck is a popular airport for the resort is the choice of charter and scheduled services offered in the winter months. The options are not restricted to the traditional weekend services any more as the airport has reasonably priced scheduled flights to the UK on weekdays.

Airport gif Munich Airport

Munich Airport lies a good 20-30 minute drive to the northeast of the city but this modern and busy transport hub is easily reached by excellent motorway services. On the weekends the roads can get crowded with holiday traffic. The airport offers a good mix of mainstream scheduled flights and a variety of low-cost carriers.

train travel

Train gif Wörgl Railway Station & St Johann in Tirol Railway Station

Although Wörgl is further away from Ellmau than St Johann, trains from Innsbruck run through the town before taking a 40-minute detour through the Brixen valley and out to St Johann. Thus some travellers from the Tyrol may want to take a taxi to the resort from Wörgl station. Public transport, whether it is bus or train, takes a while to wend its way past the resorts on the other side of the ski area before arriving at St Johann.

Those heading in from the direction of Salzburg can have a variety of bewildering options, ranging from changes in Saalfelden or Schwarzach, to a journey into the Tyrol and a change at Wörgl.

Once at St Johann there is a regular bus service to Ellmau, which runs to the early evening and takes 20 minutes, or the option of the local taxi companies.

finding your way around the resort

Ellmau and Going are two typical villages in the Tyrol which have developed from their rural days into an economy centred around mountain tourism.

Ellmau is the larger of the two and once boasted a wider range of accommodation. It still remains a magnet for family skiers and the development of the new high-speed gondola into the SkiWelt area makes it a logical choice for keen skiers.

Going was a smaller resort but a number of upmarket hotel development projects have taken place in this area and, with its own access to the SkiWelt, it deserves as much consideration as its bigger neighbour.

The hotels individually listed below are all have an official rating of four stars or above. Those who are looking for something a little more homely or a different type of accommodation might like to use this search box, which checks availability for all of the resort.

ellmau hotel accommodation

Hotel Kaiserhof Superior
Harmstätt 8
A-6352 Ellmau
Tel: 05358 2022
Hotel Christoph
Faistenbichl 6
A-6352 Ellmau
Tel: 05358 3535
Sporthotel Ellmau
Dorf 50
A-6352 Ellmau
Tel: 05358 3755
Aktivhotel Hochfilzer
Dorf 33
A-6352 Ellmau
Tel: 05358 2501
Hotel Kaiserblick
Kirchbichl 5
A-6352 Ellmau
Tel: 05358 2230

going hotel accommodation

Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt
Kaiserweg 1
A-6353 Going
Tel: 05358 2000
Fax: 05358 2000 31
Vitalhotel Sonnenhof
Rettweg 5
A-6353 Going
Tel: 05358 2441
Fax: 05358 2441 4
Hotel Blattlhof
Innsbruckerstrasse 1
A-6353 Going
Tel: 05358 2401
Fax: 05358 2404
Familien- & Wellnessresort Seiwald
Kapellenweg 22
A-6353 Going
Tel: 05358 2485
Fax: 05358 3641 80

ellmau accommodation map

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