Take a Subway to the Slopes

The world’s smallest and highest underground hovertrain railway has been running in Serfaus since 1985.

The underground railway has been extensively extended and modernised over the last couple of years – and on 05 December 2019 it will start its first winter season.

Serfaus has around 1100 inhabitants – you can add several thousand skiers and snowboarders to that in winter.

But there’s no hint of traffic chaos. Even back in the mid-1980s, Serfaus was aware that mobility in a holiday resort should also work without the use of a car.

At the time, their investment in a “village subway” was quite controversial. But it has proved highly effective. Serfaus resembles a large traffic-calmed zone even in high season.

Now the suspension railway has been extensively extended and modernised at a cost of around 26 million Euros.

Up to 3,000 people per hour can now glide from their accommodation to one of the world’s most popular ski resorts without noise or emissions – and completely free of charge for locals and tourists alike.

“After 34 years of operation, several hundred thousand passengers and almost all positive feedback, it was time for us to take the next step and bring our unique underground up to date with the latest technology,” said the management of Seilbahn Komperdell GmbH.

The Serfaus underground railway
Serfaus underground railway station
© Seilbahn Komperdell Serfaus | Andreas Schalber

Over a construction period of around two years, the lift received a completely new “Church” station, the three traditional stations “Cable Car”, “Car Park” and “Centre” were modernised.

There are also three new carriages which are more spacious and brighter.

What is special about the Serfauser hovertrain cableway experience is that the train not only travels silently through the underground, but also without a driver.

The train is moved by a cable system that pulls it over 1.3 kilometres from the car park in the east of Serfaus to the cable cars in the west (Alpkopfbahn, Komperdellbahn and Sunliner).

More information: www.serfaus-fiss-ladis.at

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