Krampalar in St Anton am Arlberg

The ski season has finally opened in St Anton – but visitors can also sample some special seasonal events off the slopes this week.

The first week in December is the time for the St Nicholas procession. (Over the centuries St Nicholas has been converted into Santa Claus in English-speaking countries)

On 05 December St Nicholas will be walking through the main street of St Anton with his accompanying ‘angels’ to distribute small gifts to children who have been good through the year.

But St Nicholas is also accompanied by the ‘Krampalar’, who are on the lookout for those who have been bad. The nightmarish beasts are a tradition in central Europe and there are many volunteer groups who put on displays around this time.

The video below from a few years ago (in German) gives an idea of what to expect this week in St Anton am Arlberg:

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